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DMR-20 Gyuujinmaru's True Identity!!

DMR-20 pack

Translation: Gyuujinmaru's True Identity!!
Gallery: DMR-20 Card Set Gallery
Rulings: Set FAQ
Release Date: March 19th, 2016
Next Set: DMR-21 Team Hamukatsu and Dogiragon Buster
Previous Set: DMR-19 Forbidden Dokindam X
Block: Revolution
Set Symbol: Rev

Gyuujinmaru's True Identity!! is the 20th DMR booster pack in the OCG.


Set Breakdown:


This set introduces the following keywords;


Alternate Artwork cards

  • Each Secret Legend Rare has an SD(Chibi) Version, a Gold Version and a Gold SD(Chibi) Version.

Reprinted Cards






Legend Rare Legend Rare

Super Rare Super Rare

Very Rare Very Rare

Rare Rare

Uncommon Uncommon

Common Common


Invasion - Cost 5
(Each of these Invader evolution creatures that have an Invasion ability for creatures that cost 5 or more.)

Invasion - Cost 3
(Each of these Invader evolution creatures that have an Invasion ability for creatures that cost 3 or more.)

More Creatures than Shields
(Each of these creatures has an ability that triggers when you have more creatures than shields.)

First Attack Trigger
(Each of these creatures have an ability that trigger when they attack for the first time that turn.)

Mana Arms 3
(Each of these creatures have a "Mana Arms 3" ability.)

Full Frame Spell
(Each of these spells have a full art card frame and feature a prominent creature from the Revolution block.)


DMR-20 set advertisement00:31

DMR-20 set advertisement

DMR-20 advertisement.

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