DMD-30 Revolution Start Deck: Lucifer's Time Stop
革命スタートデッキ ルシファーの時間停止


Translation: Revolution Start Deck: Lucifer's Time Stop
Gallery: DMD-30 Card Set Gallery
Rulings: Set FAQ
Release Date: April 23, 2016
Civilization(s): Light, Water
Main Race(s): Angel Command Dragon, Revolutionary, Team Doremi
Next Set: DMD-31 Field Start Deck: Basara's Forbidden
Previous Set: DMD-29 Revolution Start Deck: Katta's Whirlwindy Attack
Block: Revolution Final RevF

Revolution Start Deck: Lucifer's Time Stop is the 30th DMD set in the OCG.


The pack cover features Lucifer and Belufare, Great Cathedral.

The package design is based on a cup noodle container.


Contents sorted by Civilizations

Light Light Civilization: 22

LightWater Light and Water: 18


DMD-29 and DMD-30 set advertisement00:31

DMD-29 and DMD-30 set advertisement

DMD-29 and DMD-30 advertisement.

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