DMC-23 Speed Burn Half Deck
スピードバーン 1/2 デッキ


Translation: Speed Burn Half Deck
Set Gallery: DMC-23 Card Set Gallery
Release Date: August 20th, 2005
Civilization(s): Fire
Next Set: DMC-24 Illusion Blue Half Deck
Previous Set: DMC-22 Hell Boost Half Deck
Set Symbol: Dmc22-24symbol

Speed Burn Half Deck is the 23rd DMC pack in the OCG.


It contains cards from the Fire civilization, and an exclusive card, Fire Barett, Armed Soldier.


Fire Fire Civilization: 20


DMC-22, DMC-23 and DMC-24 set advertisement00:29

DMC-22, DMC-23 and DMC-24 set advertisement

DMC-22, DMC-23 and DMC-24 advertisement.

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