DMC-10 Hakuoh's Holy Spirit Deck
はくおうホーリー・スピリット デッキ


Translation: Hakuoh's Perfect Spirits Deck
Set Gallery: DMC-10 Card Set Gallery
Release Date: December 18, 2003
Civilization(s): Light
Main Race(s): Angel Command / Light Bringer
Next Set: DMC-11 Shobu's Dragon Legend Power-Up Pack
Previous Set: DMC-09 Shobu's Dragon Legend Deck
Set Symbol: Dmc9-12symbol

Hakuoh's Holy Spirit Deck is the 10th DMC pack in the OCG.


This deck is based on Hakuoh.

It is considered extremely weak as the races of the cards in this deck have no synergy and many base parts such as Sarius, Vizier of Suppression, La Ura Giga, Sky Guardian and Aeris, Flight Elemental are missing. To make it worse, for a light deck it has only 2 Protective Force for Shield Trigger defense and strangely enough, useful shield triggers such as Holy Awe were not included in this deck.


Light Light Civilization: 40

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