DMC-08 Endless Black Hole Deck
邪将! 奈落 デッキ


Translation: Endless Black Hole
Future Evil! Demon Deck
Set Gallery: DMC-08 Card Set Gallery
Release Date: August 2003
Civilization(s): Water / Darkness
Main Race(s): Chimera / Demon Command / Fish
Hedrian / Parasite Worm
Next Set: DMC-09 Shobu's Dragon Legend Deck
Previous Set: DMC-07 Eternal Insects Deck
Set Symbol: Dmc5-8symbol

Endless Black Hole Deck is the 8th DMC pack in the OCG.


This set was released simultaneously with the Lightning Thunder, Dragon Strikes, and Eternal Insects decks.


Water Water Civilization: 15

Darkness Darkness Civilization: 25

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