DM-10 Shockwaves of the Shattered Rainbow

DM-10box and pack

Gallery: DM-10 Card Set Gallery (TCG)
Release Date: April, 2006
Next Set: DM-11 Blast-O-Splosion of Gigantic Rage
Previous Set: DM-09 Fatal Brood of Infinite Ruin
Set Icon: Dm-10 icon

Shockwaves of the Shattered Rainbow is the 10th booster pack in the TCG.


This set introduces multicolored creatures, which are creatures consisting of more than 1 civilization. All Multicolored creatures in this set are of allied civilizations.

This is also the third set to have 120 cards, including reprints of cards from previous sets.

This set has an OCG equivalent. DM-10 Eternal Arms.


This set introduces the following keywords;

Silent skill (At the start of each of your turns, if this creature is tapped, you may keep it tapped and use its Silentskill ability.)


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