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D2 Field
D2フィールド (D2 Fīrudo)
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D2 Fields are a Field card type that was introduced in the Duema 40 Card Special Deck.


The D2 in this card type stands for ダイナマイト and デンジャラス (Dynamite / Dangerous). This is not a game term however, and the pronunciation for the card type is pronounced Di-Tsu Fīrudo.

They are put into the battle zone horizontally and have an ability while they are in the battle zone.

Many D2 Fields feature an ability known as Denjara Switch, allowing them to turn themselves upside down once during a game to trigger an ability. These abilities are often triggered at the start or beginning of a turn.

If another D2 field is put into the battle zone, the older D2 field will be put into its owner's graveyard. Otherwise, they can only be removed from the battle zone by Card Removal effects.

It has a later variant. Final Forbidden Field.


These are areas which defy regular logic created during Dokindam X, The Legendary Forbidden's rampage. They are inhabited by Initials, and the stronger ones are guarded by Master Initials.


In the anime series, when the duelist summons a D2 Field, they use an item associated with the D2 Field which might become part of the field itself in the Duel Zone. These items include:

D2 Field: Duelist: Item:
All for One, Machine of D Number 2 Wrench
Arena Kamone, Firefighting of D Ari Kamone Flamethrower
Dokindam Area, Forbidden of D Basara Mutated Hand
Haridelberg, Hell of D Kojiro Metallic Fist
Jail House Lock, Jail of D Officer Serious Bird Cage
Mad Dead Wood, Seductive of D Utsubomi Kazura Lipstick
Merry Boy Round, Cradle of D Ta-Kun Pacifier
Psychedelic Garden, Paradise of D Rokuro Flower Bundle
Walsura Institute, Malicious of D Ijiwaru Kiyomori Test Vial
Zundoko Sunny Stage, Flowery Way of D Domyoji-Gonzaburo Microphone



  • D2 Fields can be considered an equivalent of Enchant World in Magic: The Gathering, Field Spells in Yu-Gi-Oh! and Nexus in Battle Spirits from other trading card games.

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