クロス (Kurosu)
Japanese Wiki: 1375,

Cross is a keyword action.


It is the act of attaching a Cross Gear to one of your creatures in the battle zone.

Each Cross Gear has the Cross Gear ability that requires you to pay the cost of the Cross Gear in order to cross it to one of your creatures. While a Cross Gear is not crossed, they often feature no abilities and just stay in the battle zone after being generated from your hand.

At this time, you do not have to tap a card of the same civilization of the cross gear in order to cross with a creature, only to originally generate the cross gear into the battle zone.

Multiple cards can also cross a Cross Gear onto a creature (or themselves) for no cost. These include;

Demonic Queen Meigas has an ability that allows you to uncross all cross gears that are in the battle zone when it is put into the battle zone.

Do not confuse this with the term "Equip" as "equip" is only used in Dragheart Weapons, a similar card type.

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