• Crath Lade asks how anyone can be sure they won't like excruciating pain, when they have not tried it.
  • This card is often coined as an in-joke among fans due to its low power-to-cost ratio, ineffectiveness and flavor text (Which claims that he speaks to Dragons with fists in DM-07, and speaking to Zeniths with fists in DMX-12.) In reality, he would most likely be destroyed when he faces most Dragons and when he faces a Zenith.
    • The joke can still be considered valid since Crath Lade can discard Zeniths or Dragons from hand before they even come in the battle zone. However, Crath Lade can only trigger it's Tap ability on the 9th turn (if summoned normally) and by the time the player would've lost anyway.
    • Alas, most dragons tend to come in the 6th or 7th turn and those who do not use spells such as Mystery Cube to put them into the battle zone, and if the player wants to discard a Zenith they are better off using Ganveet Blaster or Lost Soul.

Crath Lade, Merciless King