コスト (Kosuto)


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The Cost (seen in the upper left-hand corner of a card) is a gameplay characteristic that indicates the amount of cards needed to be tapped in your mana zone in order to use that card.

You need to pay the cost in order to summon creatures, cast spells, generate cross gears or fortify castles.


You tap an amount of mana equal to the cost of a card you want to play.

A common rule is that creatures generally have power equal to roughly 1000 to 2000 power per mana cost, but this varies at each of the mana costs. A creature with a mana cost of 1 can usually have anywhere between 1000 and 3000 power, but with various abilities or drawbacks.

Evolution creatures at different mana costs often feature higher than average power due to the requirement of needing a creature to evolve from.

Due to the higher requirements involved in summoning them, higher-cost creatures are typically not as numerous as lower-Mana Cost creatures in a player's deck, assuming the Deck is properly balanced.

A deck can be seen balanced when it features cards that each have a low cost (such as in a Rush deck) or in decks that have a varied mix of costed creatures with the proper support for its higher cost creatures.

Cards by Mana Cost

Mana Cost 1Mana Cost 2Mana Cost 3
Mana Cost 4Mana Cost 5Mana Cost 6
Mana Cost 7Mana Cost 8Mana Cost 9
Mana Cost 10Mana Cost 11Mana Cost 12
Mana Cost 13Mana Cost 14Mana Cost 15
Mana Cost 16Mana Cost 17Mana Cost 20
Mana Cost 24Mana Cost 25Mana Cost 30
Mana Cost 39Mana Cost 40Mana Cost 50
Mana Cost 71Mana Cost 99
Mana Cost 999
Mana Cost ∞


In order to pay for the cost of a card, at least 1 card of the same civilization that matches the card that you wish to use must be in your mana zone. To summon a Nature creature that costs 4, it requires you to tap 4 mana, and at least of those cards to be a nature card. If it's a multicolored card, you must tap a card of all civilizations on the card.

As a Psychic Creature or a Dragheart does not tap cards in your mana zone for it's cost, it is considered to be a "psychic cost"; a cost which is only used to determine what cards can be used to put the Psychic Creature or Dragheart into play. The player can't put it into the battle zone by paying it's cost in any way. Psychic Super Creatures follow the same rule but can't be put into the battle zone directly, and need all psychic cells to form the creature to link together. Additionally, Card Removal effects that target specific cards will treat the cost of a psychic cell on a Psychic Super Creature as being 0.

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