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コントロールデッキ (Kontorōru Dekki)
Japanese Wiki: 2264

Control decks are one of the three main deck types.


It is the opposite of a beatdown deck. A control deck intends to disrupt your opponent's behavior and gain complete control of the battle zone.

Control deck types

Removal control / Finisher

Removal control / Deck-out

  • DF deckout
  • WDF deckout
  • LWDF deckout
    • Aquan removal
    • Guardian Removal
    • Gladiator Removal
  • Mystic Blessing
  • Yasaka Shark deckout
    • WDF Yasaka Shark deckout
    • Ribbidynanz Crawler Zalva deckout
  • Volg Thunder Deckout

Creature control

Hyperspatial control

5-color deck

  • Violence Thunder
  • Five Color Faerie Miracle
    • Infinite Orchestra of love
    • Five Color Aku Zen
  • Tap-in 5 colors
  • Five Color Mana burn
  • Cassiopeia Story
  • Paras



  • Mihail lock
  • Mariel lock
    • Mariel Enforcer
  • King lock Kiriko
  • Admiral lock
  • Amon Bells lock
  • Paloro lock
  • Belfegius Tap
  • Zaulak Clock

Mana Burn

  • WFN Mana Destruction
    • Bol Wizard Mana Destruction
    • Mana Destruction sapphire
    • Dragon Mana Destruction
    • Cyclica Mana Destruction
  • Black Mana Destruction
  • 5 colors Mana Destruction
  • Reality Maten
  • Ash Mana Destruction
  • Dolmarks Mana Destruction
  • Ryumaku Eruption
  • Backflow lock
  • Admiral Lock
  • Kiriko Mana Destruction
  • Paloro Squall
  • Giovanni Squall
Deck Types
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Removal controlDeck-out
Creature controlHyperspatial control
5-color deckTurboLockMana Burn
For No CostTransmogrifyHeaven's GateReanimate
Instant DeathOne Shot KillLoopTriggerMadnessOther
Other Deck Types
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