コンボデッキ (Konbo Dekki)
Japanese Wiki: 2301

Combo decks are one of the three main deck types.


A combo deck aims to win by using a few cards to devastating effect.

In order to stall the game and collect the relevant cards to perform the combo, many control elements are used.

Some combo decks often end up unable to be used (or severely weakened) if specific cards of the combo are placed onto the Hall of Fame (or Premium of Fame).

List of Combo decks

For No Cost


Heavens Gate


Instant Death

Infinite Loop

  • Ribbidynanz deck out
  • Hellgate Moon deck out
  • James Sorge
  • Lalala Optimus
  • Helen loop
  • ☆ Leopol Shallot
  • ☆ Typhoon Shallot
  • ☆ Endless Conversion
  • ☆ Amaterasu Conversion
  • ☆ Paloro Squall
  • Crimson Sorge
  • ☆ Cyclica Earth
  • Justice Innovation

Extra Win


  • ☆ Darts Gate
  • ☆ Last Patrol
    • Kikuchi Patrol

One Shot Kill

  • ☆ Mad Romanov Deck
  • ☆ Agagem Loop
  • Luna Revolver Wheel
  • Ryu Beat Down
  • The Universe Gate
  • Galaxy Blade - THE FINA
  • Romanov Durian
  • Master of Destiny
  • Fudou Dance
  • Pounding Mammoth One-Shot
  • Greatest Great
  • Gou Break Dragon
  • Malt "King"
  • MaltNEXT
  • Romanov Innovation
  • Aurora Dogiragon



  • Bryzenaga Shoot
  • Marianna Light Weapon
  • Bailas Trigger
  • Benzo Beatdown
  • Trigger Beat
  • Explosive Milzam
  • Marshall Memories
  • Marshall Queen beatdown
  • Impact Absorber
  • Impact Rigger
  • Marshall Extra Win
  • Mark Loop


  • Drawgo
  • Counter Madness
  • Veil Babylonia Madness

Other Combo decks

Deck Types
RushWFN BeatdownDFN Beatdown
Removal controlDeck-out
Creature controlHyperspatial control
5-color deckTurboLockMana Burn
For No CostTransmogrifyHeaven's GateReanimate
Instant DeathOne Shot KillLoopTriggerMadnessOther
Other Deck Types
Race deckEvolutionGod

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