Colony Beetle
Japanflag Japanese: コロニー・ビートル (Koronī Bītoru)
Released In: DM-01
Civilization(s): Nature
Japanese Wiki: 2261
Category for Colony Beetle.

Colony Beetle is a race of creature in the Nature Civilization.


All non-evolution creatures have "Shell" (シェル) in their names.

Evolution Creatures have "Living Citadel" (In the OCG: Super aerial fortress (超空要塞)) in their names.

There are no new Colony Beetles printed since Cauldron Shell in DM-15.


Colony Beetles begin their lives as larva in bullet-shaped eggs inside the adult beetle. When fully matured, the adult Colony Beetle explodes like a volcano, devastating the surroundings, and sending eggs everywhere. Except for those that find themselves embedded into nearby host trees, most eggs do not survive the blast. Equipped with strong jaws and sharp fangs, the larva devour the host trees from the inside, gaining strength and size for the transformation to adulthood.

By the time the host dies, the larvae have matured to the size of the tree and, with a hard chitinous shell, are practically immobile. Because they are hermaphroditic, Colony Beetles do not breed with other beetles. Instead, they produce a honeycomb-like colony inside their body. Each cell of the colony holds an egg that the Beetle fertilizes itself. When the Colony Beetle reaches full maturity, it erupts with volcanic intensity, and the process begins again.


Creatures that evolve from Colony Beetles:

Evolution Creature: Evolves From:
Living Citadel Vosh 1x Colony Beetle



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