• Q: What's considered a creature that has Dragon in its race?
    • A: Any creature whose race is a type of Dragon. (Other then Dragonoid)
  • Q: If I have 2 Cocco Lupias in the battle zone, do my Dragons cost 4 less to summon?
    • A: Yes, although your Dragons still can't cost less than 2. All abilities that reduce costs, such as the abilities of Cocco Lupia and Elf-X, add up. If the cards can't cost less than a certain number, the highest number is the one you use. For example, if you have 4 Elf-Xs and a Cocco Lupia in the battle zone, your Dragons would cost 6 less to summon (4 for the Elf-Xs and 2 for the Cocco Lupia), but they still couldn't cost less than 2 because of the Cocco Lupia.
  • Q: Since Cocco Lupia reduces the cost of your dragons by 2, does this also count for Dragon psychic creatures, making it so that lower costing Hyperspatial Spells can be used to summon them?
    • A: No. Cocco Lupia only reduces the summoning cost of Dragons. As psychic creatures cannot be summoned, only put into the battle zone (and there is a difference), their cost cannot be reduced by Cocco Lupia.

Cocco Lupia

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