• This card is banned in the OCG banlist.
  • This is the first card that has an effect that can lose the game.
  • This creature was infamous for creating a "Dark Age" in the Duel Masters metagame due to its overly powerful extra turn ability and also a relatively low cost for that. In fact the metagame was called "BolbalMasters" at that time (Bolbal means Bolbalzak, Bombazar's Japanese name) as almost all decks which did not have Bombazar in it were the equivalent of trash and Fire Nature Beatdowns which did not use it are inferior to those who have it, and thus contributed to the fall of popularity of the game and also somehow the discontinuation of the TCG. It also inspired Takara Tomy to induce a Premium Hall of Fame which previously did not exist. Therefore, it is often put on par with Bolmeteus Sapphire Dragon (Which ravaged the metagame right after it) and Astral Reef as one of the most notorious cards in the entire game.
  • This card was remade as Bolbalzak Ex with the additional race of Hunter. It retains its ability of Speed Attacker, while being able to un-tap cards in your mana zone when it is put into the battle zone.
  • This is one of 2 cards in DMX-12 Black Box Pack that has CGI animation styled artwork.

Bombazar, Dragon of Destiny