• If Bombazar, Dragon of Destiny happens to leave the battle zone due to a card effect, its "take an extra turn after this one" and "you lose the game at the end of [the extra] turn" effects still stay active.
  • When Bombazar, Dragon of Destiny is put into the battle zone, only creatures that have exactly 6000 power are destroyed. Creatures that have less than 6000 power are not destroyed.
  • Q: During my turn, what happens if I cast Soulswap to put a Bombazar, Dragon of Destiny from my opponent's mana zone into the battle zone.
    • A: First of all, you destroy all other creatures in the battle zone that have 6000 power. After your turn ends, your opponent takes his turn as usual. If he does not win before that turn ends, he will lose at the end of it.
      • Additional Info: The turn after Bombazar, Dragon of Destiny is put into the battle zone is considered to be the extra turn, even if you would have gotten that turn normally (after your opponent has ended.)

Bombazar, Dragon of Destiny