Bolzard Dragon
Civilization: FireFire
Card Type: Creature
Mana Cost: 6
Race: Armored Dragon
English Text: ■ Whenever this creature attacks, choose a card in your opponent's mana zone and put it into his graveyard.
Japanese Text: ■ このクリーチャーが攻撃するとき、相手のマナゾーンからカードを1枚選び、持ち主の墓地に置く。
Power: 5000
Flavor Text: When Bolshack awakes in the east, Bolzard roars in the west. 東のボルシャックが目覚める時、西のボルザードが咆哮する。 (DM-02/DMC-06)
鎧竜の咆哮が轟く時、大地は割れ天は裂ける。When the armored dragon roars, the earth broke and the heavens cracked. (DM-18)
Mana Number: 1
Illustrator(s): Dustmoss
Sets & Rarity:
Other Card Information:

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