Bolmeteus Steel Dragon (Puzzle & Dragons)

Bolmeteus Steel Dragon in Puzzle and Dragons.

  • This creature played an important role in the second English season of the anime series of Duel Masters and was one of the five creatures called upon by Shobu to defend Earth from the invasion of creatures from the Creature World, and it later helped to close the Gate of the Fire Civilization.
    • It was also one of Shobu's Trump cards along with the Bolshack family. This card is also one of the few cards that both Katta and Shobu have used, with Katta using this card in his deck at the start of the Duel Master Versus season.
  • This creature appears as a rare gacha character in Puzzle & Dragons as a collaboration with Duel Masters. In that game, it evolved into Bolmeteus Sapphire Dragon then into "Bolmeteus Black Dragon" or Bolmeteus Blue Flame Dragon. It's skill is known as "Bolmeteus White Flare".

Bolmeteus Steel Dragon

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