• Q: My opponent attacks me using Bolmeteus Steel Dragon, and I don't block. Can I prevent a shield from being broken by destroying Pulsar Tree, Nastasha, Channeler of Suns, or a creature with Shield Saver?
    • A: No. Bolmeteus Steel Dragon and Pulsar Tree both say to do something instead of breaking a shield. Since it's your opponent's turn, he uses his ability first. Because of Bolmeteus Steel Dragon's ability, your shield is put into your graveyard instead of being broken, so you can't use Pulsar Tree's ability. As a general rule, effects that trigger when a shield would be broken don't trigger if Bolmeteus Steel Dragon is attacking.
  • Bolmeteus Steel Dragon ignores the effects of castles that would allow another shield to be returned to hand instead of the shield being attacked, like Silver Glory, Invincible Fortress or Death Phantom, Pandora Fortress.
  • When this creature is crossed with Galaxy Blade - THE FINAL, when this creature successfully Galaxy Breaks, your opponent puts all his/her shields into the graveyard while yours are returned to your hand instead.

Bolmeteus Steel Dragon