Bolgash Dragon
Civilization: FireFire
Card Type: Creature
Mana Cost: 8
Race: Armored Dragon
English Text: Power attacker +8000 (While attacking, this creature gets +8000 power.)

Triple breaker (This creature breaks 3 shields.)

Japanese Text: ■ パワーアタッカー+8000 (攻撃中、このクリーチャーのパワーは+8000される)

■ T・ブレイカー (このクリーチャーは、シールドを3枚ブレイクする) 

Power: 4000+
Flavor Text: Its suit of armor belches out an electric smog cloud that serves as both camouflage and weapon. (DM-05)
我に刃向かう小さき者どもめ! (DM-05)
大地が海が人が獣が、蒼き業火に溶けていく。 (P23/*)
Mana Number: 1
Illustrator(s): Atsushi Kawasaki
Sets & Rarity:
Other Card Information:

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