Bloody Soul
Japanflag Bブラッディ・ソウル (Buraddi Sōru)
DM-36 Psychic Shock
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Bloody Soul is a soul found primarily on creatures in the Darkness Civilization.


The Bloody Soul is often paired with the No Choice keyword.

Originally in DM-36, this soul was only featured on Aqua Doppel, but was later seen on mono-civilization Darkness creatures in DM-37 Dark Emperor.

While it commonly appeared alongside the other 5 souls from DM-36, it had no evolution or support specific to it.

Strangely, while Ring Ring Man has the No Choice ability, it doesn't have Bloody Soul.

Most cards with Bloody Soul are wearing tuxedo-like clothing and wield scythe. With the keyword icon that represents this ability as a pair of sunglasses, this might give the impression of the Mafia.


Black Ganveet, Legion of Demise
Darkness / Creature / Demon Command / 7 / 7000+
■ Whenever this creature attacks, each player discards his hand.

■ No Choice (If any player has no cards in his hand, this creature gets the following Nochoice ability.)

Nochoice This creature gets +5000 power.

■ Triple breaker (This creature breaks 3 shields.)

Bloodysoul Bloody Soul

Cards with Bloody Soul


Each of these cards are also supported or evolved evolved on by cards that affect "Soul".