• This is the creature with the highest power in the Duel Masters TCG and DM-05, at 15000.
  • This creature is the long-time record holder for the highest power creature in the game before Alphadios, Lord of Spirits in DM-15, and is the non-evolution creature with the highest power before Terradragon Diruga Vejida in DM-29.
    • Despite the above 2 facts, it has never been saw anywhere in competitive play due to its inherent flaws of getting Summoning Sickness and no resistance to removal, as well as creatures such as Onimaru "Head", Victory Rush and Bolshack Cross NEX having destructive abilities albeit at a lower or same cost and other Quasi-Vanilla creatures such as Codename Thirteen having much more power despite having the same cost. Therefore, it is often seen as a great example of the fact that an attractive or flashy creature is not always the equivalent of great card power.
  • This creature's achievement of being the strongest creature in the game before DM-15 (in terms of power) and the first Dragon, or even the first creature of such a massive stature is embodied in its DMX-19 Super Rare 100% Pack flavor text.
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  • The card Billion-Degree Dragon uses this card's artwork and name.

Billion-Degree Dragon