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Benny Haha
邪藩 牛次郎
Benny Haha
Voice Actor: Kerrigan Mahan (Season 1)
Michael Sorich (Season 3)

Benny Haha also known as Gyujiroh Japan, is the third of the four Temple Guardians, as well as being Mimi's "twin brother" in the English dub of the anime (In the Japanese, this is not shown).


Season 1

He is often seen piloting a robot. In his Temple duel against Shobu, he unfairly used cameras installed in various statues to look at Shobu's hand as well as using the information to scare him and gain an unfair advantage.

Duel Masters Charge

He returns in Season 2 as Gyujiro Japan and he defeated Jamira in the Duel Masters Battle Arena Tournament finals, but he is still evil. He tricked Hakuoh before their official match by kidnapping Mikuni and Makoto Aizen. Afterwards when he was not able to defeat Hakuoh in a duel, he injured Hakuoh so he would not be unable to duel him the next morning in the Finals. He ended up dueling Shobu again, but lost.

He is also working with Yumama. After he lost to Shobu, Yumama trapped him in a room with George. They both escaped inside The Battle Arena by digging themselves out and claimed to the crowd that she have been defeating the other contestants before the official duel just so that she can duel Shobu.

Duel Masters Versus

In episode 40,he was shown to be with Gyou in an abandoned factory. Like in the previous seasons,he still used his dirty tactics together with Gyou in order to disable the other 3 finalist of the national tournament and saying his goal is to target Shobu Kirifuda's brother,Katta Kirifuda. He first targets Lucifer and had watched every move he had done and traps him in botanical garden greenhouse,weakening him with traps after Gyou kidnaps Yohdel,Justice and Helen. He even adjusted the temperature of the greenhouse to made Lucifer uncomfortable during his duel against Gyou.However his plan was foiled by Katta and his friends,who arrived to help Lucifer after learning the situation,with Benchan hacking onto the temperature settings of the greenhouse and lowering it.


Duel Masters Manga: Series 1

Volume 4

He dueled against Shobu and was defeated. But the game they played was Magic: The Gathering. In the manga he was introduced the same as Mimi's brother and a White Soldiers member.

Duel Masters: Star Cross

In Shobu's memorial after he saved the world from Adam, he attended the memorial wearing funeral clothes.


Season 1

He first uses a Water Civilization deck in his duel in the Temple against Shobu.

Duel Masters Charge

Deck 1
He evolved his previous Water Civilization deck and made it stronger.

Wave Striker Deck
He later used a Light, Darkness and Nature deck based on the Wave Striker ability in the Duel Masters Battle Arena Tournament's semi finals.

Duel Masters Cross

Duel Masters Cross Shock




Erito, A similar looking character

  • He has an IQ of 200. (Sometimes 400)
  • In a vote made by CoroCoro comics in order to determine the favourite characters of fans, he only has 1 vote, proving that he is truly the single most unliked character of the Duel Masters series.
  • He resembles the Duel Masters Versus character Erito Erairo, but is different in personality. His personality is more reminiscent to those of Komei.
  • He appears with Gyou in episode 38 of the Duel Masters Versus series,hinting that he might return.
  • In the Duel Masters Versus series,even though he knew about Katta Kirifuda is Shobu Kirifuda's younger brother,he was still unaware that Shobu was alive and assumed him to be dead,based on the Star Cross manga.

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