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ビートダウン (Bītodaun)
Japanese Wiki: 12

Beatdown decks are one of the three main deck types.


It is the opposite of a control deck. In a beatdown deck, a player seeks to actively break the opponent's shields, this is often done in a "rush" or "beatdown" type.

Rush uses cost 1 to 3 cards, with a few cost 4 cards, to swiftly break the opponent's shields and end the game by turn 4, 5, or 6. It is the faster type of beatdown.

A Beatdown deck is slower than a rush deck (usually running cards with costs 2-7), but uses more powerful cards. Such a deck rarely ends the game before turn 7, but intends to win a few turns after.

List of Beatdown decks

Monocolored Rush

Light Mono-Light rush

  • Initiate rush

Water Mono-Water rush

  • Mono Blue Leaf
  • Mono Blue Pacific
  • Mono Blue Cyber
  • Liquid People
  • Quasi-mono Water rush

Darkness Mono-Darkness rush

  • Quasi-mono Darkness rush

Fire Mono-Fire rush

Nature Mono-Nature rush

Multicolored Rush

LightFire Light Fire rush

  • Hunter rush

WaterDarkness Water Darkness rush

  • Aquan Black rush
  • Water Darkness Graveyard Melge

WaterFire Water Fire rush

  • Water Fire Kagekiri rush
  • Karre Ganejar beatdown

DarknessFire Darkness Fire rush

DarknessNature Darkness Nature rush

FireNature Fire Nature rush

WFN Beatdown

Bombazar Blue

  • Bolbal Reef
  • Bolbal Counter
  • Bajula Blue


Quattro "Four Fang"

  • Delfin Fang
  • Bajulas Fang
  • Sapphire Fang
    • Sapphire Tower

DFN Beatdown




  • Submarine Fortress Lair beatdown
    • Submarine Gift
    • Devil mask Cosmoview
    • Mono Blue
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