Balloon Mushroom
Japanflag Japanese: バルーン・マッシュルーム (Barūn Masshurūmu)
Released In: DM-01 Base Set (OCG)
DM-01 Base Set
Civilization(s): Nature
Japanese Wiki: 2398
Category for Balloon Mushroom.

Balloon Mushroom is a race of creature in the Nature Civilization.


With the exception of Sporeblast Erengi (ハナサキエリンギ, Hanasakieringi), each creature with the Balloon Mushroom race features "ダケ" (Dake) in its name.


The majority of Balloon Mushrooms focus on adding cards to the mana zone.


Balloon Mushrooms are fungus creatures that grow on the dark forest floor. Living off of other plants, they absorb nutrients and strength. As they grow, their skin sacs fill with a poisonous gas, enabling them to hover just above the ground. When the gas is expelled and gravity pulls them down to the surface, Balloon Mushrooms spread their toxic spores to reproduce. Balloon Mushrooms are collected by Beast Folk for food, gas, and energy.


Balloon Mushrooms don't feature any support cards or evolution creatures.



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