Attack Step
(Atakku Suteppu)
Japanese Wiki: 3597

Attack Step is the fifth step of the turn.


It follows each of the earlier steps of untap, draw, charge and main.

You may choose one of your creatures in the battle zone that is declare an attack (i.e.; not put into the battle zone that turn and having Summoning Sickness). You may also choose to use creatures with a Tap Ability during this time.

After the end of this step, the End Step begins.

In the basic rules, you can declare attacks against your opponent or one of his tapped creatures. However, defending on the ability of other cards, you can attack your opponents untapped creatures.

This step is the only step in which your opponent can act as well. They are able to block with creatures that have the Blocker ability, as well as the Ninja Strike or Shield Trigger / Strike Back abilities.

Attacks are done one at a time with the specified creatures.


  • Unlike Magic: The Gathering or other Trading Card Games, the creatures only attack one at a time rather than all at once. This is due to the different way that creatures attack and block.