Apollonia Dragon
Japanflag Japanese: アポロニア・ドラゴン (Aporonia Doragon)
Released In: DM-22 The Dragonic Nova
Civilization(s): Light
Japanese Wiki: 2156
Category for Apollonia Dragon.

Apollonia Dragon is a race of Dragon creature in the Light Civilization.


Apollonia Dragon creatures have 光神竜 (Hikaru Shin Ryū) in their names, meaning "Light Divine Dragon".

  • Multicolored/Multirace creatures have 龍聖 (Ryū Sei), meaning "Holy Dragon".

Apollonia Dragon evolution creatures have 超神龍 (Chō Shin Ryū) in their names, meaning, "Super Divine Dragon".


The most well-known creature of this race is Spell Del Fin, Light Divine Dragon, which is popularly used against Psychic Creatures and decks that use many Hyperspatial spells, in order to stop them from being cast.


Evolution Apollonia Dragons:

See also: Support for Dragon creatures




  • The race is named after Apollo, the Greek God of light and the sun, truth and prophecy, healing, plague, music, poetry.
  • There is a race named "Holy Dragon" in Duel Masters: Birth of the Super Dragon which is possibly a prototype of this race. However, the suffix for this race is 聖神龍 ("Sei shin ryū", meaning "Holy divine Dragon") instead of 光神龍.

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