Japanflag エイリアン
Phonetic: Eirian
Released In: DM-39 Psychic Splash
Civilization(s): All civilizations.
Japanese Wiki: 4817
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Alien is a race of creature that is shared between all civilizations.


Most creatures with the Alien race in Episode 1 (that don't also have the Hunter race) have a certain word in their names that corresponds to their civilization.

Civilization Katakana: Translation: Examples:
Gaga Packun, Io Enforcer
Gaga Carina, Spirit of Lightstreams
Gallows Cebu Kaiser
Spell Cebu Parlock
Zabi Mira, the Reviving Shaman
Zabi Polymer, Marshmallow Doll
Gil Albireo Dragoon
Hydra Gilsaurus
Geo the Man, Earth Titan
Geo Deneb, Gluttonous Faerie
Deis Optimus, the Invincible
Tsukkomi Panda Deis

Most of the original Alien creatures have names of stars featured in their card such as Zabi Mira, the Reviving Shaman using "Mira" as a basis.

In episode 2 these namings were no longer used and Aliens were named like any other creature.


The Aliens are creatures that hail from the Pandora Space, a world that contains the same 5 civilizations as the normal world creatures live in, but has a fusing force that further unites the civilizations. Their bodies are highly abnormal, having no eyes, large mouths and orbs wedged into their skin that give off glowing light. They originally were the only creatures to hold the hyperspatial power born from psychic creatures.

They are enemies of the Hunters in Episode 1, but joint forces against the Unknown, Unnoise and Zenith creatures in the events of Episode 2.

In Psychic Shock, they controlled the Darkness Civilization to start a war in order to get back Prin. Once Devil Diabolos Zeta, Evil Awakened was defeated, they start their own war on the creature world in order to get her back. It was later turned out that they were blackmailed by the Unknowns to start this war, so they teamed up with their former enemies, the Hunters in order to end the war by defeating the Unknown.


Each Alien creature from DM-39 has an effect that involves discarding a card from your hand at the end of the turn in order to trigger its effect.

Alien creatures have a unique Space Charge ability that allows them to use their ability when a card from a certain civilization is put into your mana zone.

As their Civilizations are united, they have the most amount of Multicolored creatures in a single race and tend to have abilities that support creatures of other civilizations. Due to this reason, all of their Psychic Super Creatures are multicolored cards.

They tend to have a lot of cards that are related to Hot Springs, Sumo Wrestlers and Nagoya/Shachihokos.


Support Card: Card Effect:
Alien Father ■ Your other Aliens get "speed attacker" and "slayer".
Death Phantom, Pandora Fortress ■ Whenever one of your Aliens leaves the battle zone, you may put an Alien psychic creature that costs less than that Alien from your hyperspatial zone into the battle zone.
Golden Victory, Secret Ogre ■ Reveal the top 3 cards of your deck. You may put any number of non-evolution Alien or Hunter creatures from them into the battle zone. This turn, all of those creatures get "Speed attacker".
Funk Clap Rhapsody of Hope ■ When one of your Alien or Hunter creatures would be destroyed, search for a card with the same name from your deck, hand or mana zone and put it into the battle zone. If you viewed your deck, shuffle your deck.
Geo Ohzeki Hamlet ■ Your other Aliens in the battle zone get +2000 power.
Off Course Kaiser "Dragon" ■ Your other Aliens in the battle zone get "speed attacker".
Onimaru "Ogre", Golden Dragon ■ Each of your Hunter and Alien creatures in the battle zone gets "Eternal Omega".
Unryu Deis Izu, Great Yokozuna ■ Your other Aliens in the battle zone get +5000 power.
Zabi Rigel, Dragon Bone Keel ■ Whenever one of your Aliens are destroyed by your opponent's spells, your opponent chooses one of his creatures and destroys it.
■ Whenever one of your Aliens has its power reduced to 0 or less by your opponent's spells, your opponent chooses one of his creatures and destroys it.

Creatures that evolve from Aliens

Evolution Creature: Evolves From:
Gaga Alcadeias, Lord of Enslaved Spirits 1x Alien
Emperor Cebu Marco X 1x Alien